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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  July 19, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> i already got my invite. >> mine's in the mail, right? >> f moments away on "good morning washington" -- another week of heat and humidity. a quick round of sstorms leaves thousands in the dark. a metro crash insider railyard, new light shed on this. "good morning washington" begins right now. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> its monday. glad you are joining us, i am alison starling. >> last night there was strong storms. this is what it looked like after 11:00 in northwest d.c. heavy rain and high winds brought down tree limbs and
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power lines. >> thousands of people left without power. adam caskey joins us with what to expect as you go to work this morning. good morning. hope you had a good weekend. >> it was a great weekend. it is going to be a buncmuch ber morning than last night. thunderstorms were severe with high wind. at bwi airport there will wind gusts at 74 miles an hour. over an inch accumulation of rainfall. we have some upper level imageenergy that will kick off e showers. we are in the '70s already. 93 this afternoon. a few peaks of sunshine today. scattered thunderstorms later on. to just a few sprinkles right now you're martinsburg and in hagerstown.
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happy monday morning, lisa baden. >> power lines are still down on glen. there was overnight construction, branch avenue on the way to pennsylvania avenue everything is running smoothly. traffic on the interstates, 95 and the camera. on the right is southbound. headlights are north out of woodbridge. back to you. >> thank you. our top story this morning is a traffic alert for people driving in the district. phase three of the 14th street bridge rehab project is under way. that means another new traffic pattern for the 200,000 drivers crossing that on a daily basis. brianne carter has what to expect on this monday. >> good morning. so far, traffic looks good. no backups. there is a lot of out here,
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directing traffic down either side of the 14th street bridge. the center lane is closed for the rehabilitation project. it is expected to create some commuter chaos this morning. for drivers on the 14th street bridge, the monday morning commute could come with some troubles. there's a point in time that nothing -- >> their clothes in the middle lane and it spends about half the length of the bridge. >> it is going to be backed up. >> gyrus are urged to get into the far two lanes to avoid problems -- drivers are urged. you could avoid the project altogether by using another road or alternate forms of transportation. >> it is crazy. we cannot wait until it's over. >> the next phase of this project will shut down the next
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lane over to the left. there are eight phases of this project. crews will monitor this its relation this morning and there will just traffic if needed, to get traffic across the 14th street bridge as quickly as possible. the entire project will be completed in the fall of 2011. brianne carter reporting. the ntsb has new pictures of metrorail cars that were damaged in a crash. as was the scene after two fixed car trains collided in the west falls church railyard in late november. there were no passengers on either train, but three workers sustained minor injuries. d.c. will begin testing new ways to pay for parking. there's a report that there is, to be paid by phone meters on independence avenue, southwest, in foggy bottom on reservoir
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road, and in georgetown around nationals park. some readers will be tested in one area. and a license plate reader will be tried in northwest. in 19 year-old travis white was arrested yesterday and charged with first-degree murder. he shot 23-rohde marlon tinnon saturday night at a bus stop near lake forest mall. he later died at a hospital. day 91 of the oil disaster in the gulf of mexico. the government says more testing will be conducted. this comes amid a dispute between bp and the government. the company once the cap tuesday closed while the government wants to buy some of it to ships on the surface. pressure readings on lower-than- expected and they are concerned about a possible methane gas leak as well. battleground maryland.
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gov. martin o'malley's reelection campaign will get a boost to night. vice-president joe biden will appear with him at a fundraiser in baltimore. ole is expected to face former republican gov. bob ehrlich in the fall. the vice-president as a bold prediction but the outcome of the midterm election. >> i think we're going to shock to everybody. we are going to win the senate and the house. >> white house press secretary robert gibbs said last week that democrats could lose control of the house. the polls show voters don't have much confidence in and congressional democrats. republicans say they will win the 40 seats needed. the split may be forming in the department. the national tea party federation says that it has expelled conservative commentator mark williams. he wrote a fictional letter from "colored people " to
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president abraham lincoln's. he said it was meant to spur an honest debate on race. still ahead, new details about the wild night at the university of maryland basketball game. is thatwho the center of that investigation. -- who is at the center. >> and changes for the vre. another day of summer ahead. >> and changes for the vre. another day of summer ahead.
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captioned by the national captioning institute happy monday morning. a few lingering sprinkles outside right now, but the heaviest showers have come to an end. there were gusts of 73 miles an hour at the airport from yesterday. let's look at doppler 7 radar. if you like sprinkles around martinsburg moving towards hagerstown and. the no. carroll county and in pennsylvania. this is pushing off to the east and dying. already 79 degrees at reagan
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national, 77 at martinsburg. manassas, 73. 93 is a high temperature. a few peaks of sunshine. more scattered storms this afternoon and evening. we are in good shape as far as beltway travel. be careful leaving maryland of crossing a ogles a bridge into virginia. all the loot before 210 there is an abandoned car blocking the left lane. -- on v inner looyherthe inlse. central avenue, toole 14 was disclosed before 24. -- 214 is closed. vre is changing the
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schedule. trains will allow the available to passengers on the manassas and fredericksburg line. those trains are being removed. vre is adding a new express train on the fredericksburg line beginning today. 75 degrees outside this monday morning. apple's rivals take aim at the first sign of weakness. we'll have details. the top brass tried to cover of a brutal beating of a university of maryland student falling its game over duke's university? we will have the latest. abreu since seen in india after
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the third phase of the 14th
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street bridge rehab project is under way. the center lane of the bridge is closed. drivers headed for 14th street bridge should get into the two left lanes. continuing to 395 north, state to the right. a dispute is during between -- a dispute is brewing between bp and the obama administration. the government wants the oil prodiped to ships on the surfac, whereas the company wants the cap sealed. in india, an express train collided with a passenger train. the railway minister says it may have been the result of foul play. new details from the police brutality investigations at the university of maryland.
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the washington post reports investigators have turned their attention to top commanders inside a prince william county police force. courtney robinson is live in college park with more details. >> good morning. the investigation is going up the chain of command to see if top brass knew about this and tried to cover-up the police brutality that allegedly took place behind me on march 3 following maryland policy victory over duke university. all this was caught on tape. in the video, you see 21-year- old john mckenna skipping down the streets, then coached by police officers and eventually slammed into a concrete wall off and been with a police baton. he suffered any injuries. his attorney says it is police brutality. the four prince george's county riot police officers remain on
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paid leave. investigators are looking through e-mails, cell phone, and text messages sent by commanders to see if they gave orders leading up to the beating and if they tried to cover its upkeep. this investigation is headed by the state attorney's office in conjunction with the internal affairs bureau as well as the fbi been reviewing the case. no comment from the state's attorney's office yet. courtney robinson reporting from college park. 5:17 on this monday morning. time for traffic and weather. >> lisa baden joins us with the latest on your right to work. we are in good shape as far as beltway travel. a car broke down on the inner loop near to a hundred 10 on the way to the wilson bridge. everything has been moved onto the shoulder. -- 210.
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glenn road at potomac road, - slow down there. you're looking at traffic on river road moving nicely. let's go to the weather center with adam caskey. let's look at the maps. there are few showers especially of to our west, moving into west virginia. thunderstorms, actually. those will fade away as they pushed to the east into the shenandoah valley. there are a few light showers especially in hagerstown and south of hagerstown, cumberland, gettysburg and pennsylvania. those will continue to push off to the northeast. half-hour ago that had more substance to them.
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they are beginning to fade away. there was a lot of decent thunderstorms, but now most of the action is in pennsylvania and west virginia. let's talk about rainfall totals. there was 1.36 inches in herndon. over an inch in other locations. glenn burnie pick up more than an inch. bethesda, 1 inch. it is in the '70s right now. 93 this afternoon with a few weeks of sunshine. breaks in the clouds, enough to drop the temperature is -- increase in temperatures to the low to mid 90s. isolated to scattered storms every afternoon. high temperatures in the mid- 90s. a break from the storms may be by saturday and sunday. back to scott thuman. in "tech bytes," how much
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email is too much? and apple's competition is on the attack. apple's rights will respond. on friday the company admitted the iphone 4 is not perfect and offered free phone cases to clear up the reception problem. the ceo said the same reception issues of plague in the rest of the industry. his competitors took issue with that statement. the heads of motorola and research in motion say they have deliberately avoided placing an antenna on the edge of the phone. some experts and rivals question the validity of apple's statement above competing telephones. to get your annual flu shot, researchers at georgia tech have developed a patch that could someday replace the shot you get a doctor's office. it has tiny needles that barely penetrates the skin before they dissolve and release the vaccine. they don't hurt and it does not
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require special training. it could potentially be sent out in the mail. it could be in use in five years. how much email is too much? 50 is the sticking point for employees according to a new survey. one out of five people say after that number of messages, they fuel-swap. even worse for smart phone users. 40% of them feel overwhelmed by 50 or more works e-mails every day. some new technology could mean you might never have to replace the battery in your television remote-control. a japanese company has developed a battery-sized generators pollard by vibration. dalia to do is shake the device. it can replace the aa and aaa batteries in devices that don't require a lot of powerex. will probably be shaking all day if you tried to use the technology in a camera or larger gadget. log on to the technology page of 4. i am vinita nair.
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5:21 on this monday, 75 degrees. the all-star break is long over, but the national theater is still on vacation. we will recap their latest loss, coming up. today on "oprah," dr. oz and open water to save your life, domenica's silent killer, diabetes, today at 4:00 on abc 7.
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welcome back, monday, july 19. donovan mcnabb, training in the scorching heat of the arizona desert. invitation-only event for the grueling annual retreat. >> high humidity around here. d.c. united does not boast any big known as namenames. >> but the galaxy does. landon donovan converted a penalty kick. . >> the washington nationals have scored four runs.
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they have posted 21 framgoose e. the nationals were shut out. too bad. 75 degrees outside. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead in the next half- hour, the great white way meets the white house. the first family's special monday matinee. the noel cap is on. how long should it stay on? i will have the debate, coming up. -- the oil cap. we are checking the latest showers and thunderstorms. we are checking the latest showers and thunderstorms.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> there's a point in time that it affects all the way back down. it is backed up now. >> more traffic headaches for hundreds of thousands of mourning drivers in our region. good morning, washington. welcome back on this monday, july 19, i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman in for the temecula. thousands of power outages this morning. >> bge is reporting 8866 in maryland. pepco has 4005 under and 86 in d.c., prince george's, and montgomery counties. dominion has five under and 83 in northern virginia. >> adam caskey has a check on the forecast and what to expect
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this morning. last night was rough. people are trying to recover. are things looking better? >> kind of. i don't like to sugarcoat things. we have a chance of thunderstorms every afternoon and evening, even pass the time, all week. there is no way to say it will not be severe. i think there's a better chance of storms that becomes severe for tomorrow afternoon and evening. >> typical summer. >> upper level disturbance is overhead with that. you'll get late-day thunderstorms. that is anticipated all week. we have a few storms mainly of a west virginia right now moving to the east. in herndon and glen burnie, over an inch of rain yesterday. in bethesda, 1 inch. in sterling, less than an inch. we will reach about 93 degrees
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today with maybe a few peaks of sunshine, but it will be limited. adding sunshine tomorrow bumping temperatures up, 95 degrees. looks good. no problems around the beltway. interstate travel is normal. 95 in and out of baltimore, 95 between fredericksburg and springfield. to 1214 is closed before 24. let's go to the geico camera. a lot of headlights already of newington to get to the beltway and 95. back to you. >> thank you. our top story, a traffic alert for drivers headed to the district. the the new traffic pattern is in effect along the 14th street bridge as workers continue long- term construction. brianne carter is live in
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arlington with what it means for 200,000 daily drivers. >> good morning. there could be back up this morning for anyone heading across the bridge into the district. the traffic so far, people are moving swiftly through the 14th street bridge and are able to emerge to either side. a middle lane of the bridge has been shut down for the rehab project. the al-attiyah on the deck of the bridge. -- they are working on the deck. they're asking drivers to get on to either side as soon as possible and to avoid the middle lane to avoid any madness as you get farther on to the bridge. continuing on the 395, quickly and carefully get to the right lane. the another option is to use another route or alternate forms
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of transportation. the crews are telling us that they will adjust this, if needed, to try to get traffic moving smoothly as possible this morning. there are eight phases of this project, scheduled to be completed until fall of 2011. brianne carter reporting. the ntsb has new pictures that were taken after metro crash in november. two six-marc trains collided in the west falls church railyards. a moving train ran into a parked train. no passengers on board. the employees reported minor injuries. they will never allowed access to the railyards -- we were never allowed access. on independence avenue there will be paid by phone meters tested. on reservoir road in georgetown and around nationals park.
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pay by space meters will be tested in the friendship heights area. and pay by a license will be tested on q street in northwest. a virginia man placed on the no-fly list is back home. what -- yahya wehelie is back home. there is still no clear solution in the gulf of mexico. oil well is capped, but there's disagreement about how to proceed and concerned about possible methane leaks. emily schmidt has the latest. >> there is no oil leaking for a
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fourth day in the road. the pressure of what to do next seems to be building. bp likes it away is. >> we hope we will see encouraging signs continue and we will be able to continue the integrity test all the way to the point that we get the oil killed. >> sunday the incident commander said there is an unidentified leak detected a distance from the oil. he wants the company to provide more testing. that testing will continue in 24-hour increments. a government source said there could be leaking methane. scientists have ordered about potential leaks, one reason the government wants to reopen the cap and siphon oil to the surface. >> once and for all we will get a big number. >> $4 billion has been spent by the company, including $270 million in emergency claims to
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victims. the great white way is coming to the white house. this afternoon, students from the duke ellington school for the arts will perform the piece from the musical "hair spray" in the east room. the performances will be televised on pbs, coming up in october. a thrill for those students. >> new details about the pole beating caught on tape at the university of maryland, and we will have a live report. a massive wildfire continues to spread. another check on traffic
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rule the air.
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we are the cast of "forever plaid," now running at the theater center through august 1. ♪ good morning, washington. >> we have been transported back to the 1950's. we appreciate that. a massive wildfires in washington state has destroyed two homes and is threatening 100 more. hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes.
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three firefighters have been injured battling the blaze which has burned seven dozen acres. 5:40 on this monday morning, 75 degrees outside. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's go to adam caskey. typical july weather. this is the hardest time all year in washington. we are going to feel it. it is not clear to be hotter than the heat wave in june, but every afternoon it will be in the low to mid 90's and it will feel uncomfortable. fifth chance of thunderstorms every day this week. that will decrease as we go into the upcoming weekend. scattered showers and thunderstorms are moving into western virginia, pushing east towards the shenandoah valley. those will die out. just a few remnants sprinkles still along the pennsylvania border. it is in the '70s right now.
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93 this afternoon. more thunderstorms anticipated later today. some could be severe. better chance of severe a light day storms tomorrow. traffic is moving relatively nicely for the most part. 355 is possibly the way to go above frederick. there's an accident southbound before the exit for 80 %. let's look at traffic south of 80 at 109. 395 north bound on the 14th street bridge, plenty of signs to help you along the way. we are at that traffic pattern change on the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> thank you. 75 degrees outside on this monday morning, 41. >-- 5:41. a chance for thousands of teenage immigrants to become u.s. citizens.
5:42 am
chelsea clinton will be married on july 31 in new york. >> speculation keeps growing about the wedding of the summer. we will have a sneak peek. good morning, i am courtney robinson in college park. the investigation into the beating of a university of maryland student is running up the chain of command. i will have the details for you the chain of command. i will have the details for you
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your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. welcome back. checking our top stories, crews have started the first stage of the 14th street bridge rehabilitation project. the center lane is closed. drivers headed to 14th street bridge will need to get into the two left lanes. the dimming on to 395 will need to stay to the right. a dispute is brewing between bp and the obama administration. the company wants the new look
5:46 am
at oil well in the gulf to stay closed, but the government wants its open. -- the gcompany wants the newly-capped oilwell to stay closed. secretary of state hillary clinton is enunciated and money for pakistan. 5:46. allegations of police brutality at the university of maryland, the approach has taken a twist. the investigation is now focused on messages between top commanders on the scene that night in march. courtney robinson is live in college park with more details. good morning. >> that's right. according to the washington post the investigators are combing through e-mail, telephone, and text an
5:47 am
messages sent by commanders. the beating of a student took place behind me on knox road. that was caught on tape. video that you saw on abc 7 first. in the video there is a 21 year- old student named john mckenna skipping down the street. he is approached by police officers mounted on horses. he is landon to all, suffered a concussion and other injuries -- he was beaten and slammed into a wall. the investigation is looking into whether top brass gave the orders. the fbi is reviewing this along
5:48 am
with internal affairs. reporting from college park, courtney robinson. a u.s. park police detective is being praised for rescuing a drowning dog. the female detective drove into washington channel yesterday to save the border collie. it was taken to an animal hospital in critical condition. they stabilized the dog. the owner was contacted and they took the dog home. a new report by the metropolitan washington council of governments says crime fell 8% last year overall. , was down 22.6%. rape was down 7.8%. -- homicide was down 22.6%. bob mcdonnell opposes -- run liquor stores on free-market
5:49 am
principles. it could bring in a one time windfall of $300 million up to $800 million. this money could then be used to help fix the roads in virginia. timtime for traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey, it is 79 degrees already. flexe>> you are not usually a lt that time. >> that is true. >> that is warm. >> it is harmful. that is the meteorological assessment. >> this week will feel tropical. >> that is a good way to put it. late-day rain showers and thunderstorms everyday. some could be severe, with damaging winds possibly. we anticipate that chance
5:50 am
primitive d -- pretty much every afternoon. in herndon yesterday there was a brief status from that moved through and was enough to cause heavy rain. 1.36 inches. glen burnie and bethesda, over an inch. sterling picked up over three- quarters of an inch. today we have another chance this afternoon and evening. thunderstorms can contain heavy rainfall. 70 in leesburg, 76 in washington, 75 in huntingtown. low 70's for the dew points, especially in the metro area. the sticky air mass. we are in that downpour pattern all week. let's look at the almanac. actually, a storm scan. there are few more storms in west virginia. those will continue pushing east fell early this morning and will likely to fizzle out in the
5:51 am
shenandoah valley. we are not anticipating much locally until later this afternoon. of 93 degrees for the high temperature today. the average is 89. we are below average and will be that way all week with a chance of late day storms all week. 97 on friday. getting even hotter. it is heating up as far as volume in traffic. no accidents to report. 95 between the richmond and baltimore. south of laurel and north of a woodbridge along 95, there is a volume. 270 southbound leaving frederick, there's a press before the exit for 80 urbana. let's look at a live picture of 109. light volume in this camera. back to you. >> thank you. time to talk about one of the summer's most watched weddings. that is what we predict.
5:52 am
involving chelsea clinton. her mother says she is a nervous wreck, naturally. secretary of state clinton says that she entered husband have butterflies a head of the july 31 wedding and the they are getting very emotional that the 30-year-old tells it plans to tie the knot. that is. in upstate is. that is about all we know. -- it is in upstate new york. >> you think of all the stressful situations the clintons have had, but this is giving butterflies. it is so personal. >> dealing with the leaders of pakistan or making sure the wedding goes according to plan. >> let's look at the movies. the directors complications thriller drew a large weekend crowd to the movies. "inception." >> this is your first lesson.
5:53 am
>> the science-fiction movie featuring leonardo dicaprio, a thief who invade people's dreams. this earned $60 million in its debut. arch campbell said movie buffs might want to see it again to fully understand what was going on. he said it kept him on the edge of his seat, that you really have to pay attention. meanwhile, "despicable me" earned $33 million. the sorcerer's apprentice finished in third place. >> i can see adam caskey bringing a notepad into the theater. >> analyzing and thinking the whole time. >> it's good for a conversation afterwards to discuss all of the movie. let's take a break. it's 5:53.
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75 degrees outside.
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there's a new push to get young undocumented immigrants a chance to become u.s. citizens. >> activists from across the country will gather in washington this week to put a new face on the debate over immigration reform. they will be urging congress to pass an act that would offer an undocumented young people in a way to become citizens but with conditions. they need to graduate from an american high-school, need to
5:57 am
live in the u.s. five years, and must attend college or join the military. >> to me, it is to keep going with my life, to have a future. >> critics say the dream act is an amnesty plan disguised as an educational initiatives. they also say it rewards illegal behavior encourages more of it. it's monday, a lot more still to come in the next hour. a ground-breaking aids study pinpoints who could be most at risk for infection and the results may surprise you. traffic tieups expected for thousands of drivers headed to the district. details on what you need
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moments away on "good morning washington" -- another week of heat and humidity and a quick round of strong storms. -- left thousands in the dark. a metro crash insider will yards, newly released pictures. there are new fears over different kind of leak in the gulf. "good morning washington" continues right now. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side.


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